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From: Sofia from Smartlook <support@smartlook.com> 9/18/2021, 6:17:58 PM
To: jake+smartlookfreetrial@messaged.io

Hey ,

we are so excited that you decided to join more than
300,000 users using Smartlook. You are now one step closer to analyzing your users' behavior in ways never possible before.

We know that getting started with a new tool can be daunting but fear not!

In addition to a series of tips and tricks on how to get your Smartlook account up and running, we offer you a personalized demo for your company.

We will show you:

1. How to use funnels and filter out the sessions related to each step or drop-off of the funnel.
2. How to utilize our event picker. The easy-breezy and interactive way to choose any element from your website and create an event out of it. Hint: our non-technical users love it!
3. Cool tips and tricks that will help you analyze user behavior and easily and get insights quickly.

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In the previous email, you received instructions on how to start the app in your project. In case you've missed it here it is again.

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us at
support@smartlook.com .

Welcome aboard!

Sofia Pankina