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Hi, Jake! I'm Shona and I'll be showing you how easy it is to get started with Vend and grow your retail business. First, let's get you logged in.


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Set up Vend

Get started with Vend by reading these four essential guides from our Help Centre and you'll be selling in no time!


Set up your outlets and registers

Learn how to get Vend running on all of your registers and outlets.
Learn about registers


Organise your sales taxes

Add any sales or value-added taxes (VAT) that are for your location or products.
Learn about taxes


Create different payment types

Set up your payment terminal and registers so you can accept cash, cards and other payment types.
Learn about integrated payments


Add a product

Start adding your products, stock levels and descriptions to your catalog.
Learn how to add products




Your Vend to-do list

Like to read ahead? Our setup checklist gives you a list of steps that you can check off at your own pace to get Vend set up.

Here's to your retail success,

Director of Adoption