Jake - getting started with StatusCast

From: Denise Joyal <denise@statuscast.com> 9/17/2021, 8:36:02 AM
To: jake+statuscastfreetrial@messaged.io

Hi Jake,

I noticed you kicked off your StatusCast status page, which is awesome!

Typically, our customers use StatusCast to communicate to their employees, their customers or both. Are you looking to deploy a public or private (requiring authentication) status page?

If you have 15 minutes for a quick call, I'd love to learn more about messaged.io's specific use case and possibly set you up with one of our product specialists to help with your account set-up, integrations, and answer any questions relating to functionality?

I've included a link to our knowledge base and a status page vendor evaluation doc below.

Looking forward to connecting!

StatusCast Knowledge Base

Selecting a Status Page Vendor