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I'm so happy you opened our latest newsletter! This week, we're tackling retail data — and how to put it to good use. Also, if you're doing anything for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, have a look at our latest post, which tackles how to run successful BFCM campaigns. 

Retail Analytics: How to Use Data to Win More Sales and Customers

We know being data-centric is easier said than done. That's why we've compiled some tips to help you collect and harness data in your retail business. Read about them on the blog, then see if you can put them into action in your store.

How Retailers Can Prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021: A Merchant's Guide to BFCM

What will Black Friday and Cyber Monday look like this year? While no one has a retail crystal ball that can predict the future, industry data suggests that retailers can be optimistic, as shoppers are likely to spend more this year. This post shares tactics to help you capitalize on the upcoming BFCM rush.

Vend Tip: SEO Friendly image names

The Fulfillments page will now automatically show new pick lists as they are created, so you don't have to reload the page to find the latest orders to pick & pack.


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