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From: Matt from Iterate <> 9/20/2021, 10:02:48 AM


Hi there,

Have you had a chance to create an Iterate survey yet? Here are a few more ways you could be using Iterate to get insights about your customers or users and help people get more value from your product:

  • Get immediate feedback on your upcoming or recently launched new website features, right from where people are using them.
  • Use a Net Promoter Score® survey to measure customer loyalty and find out what parts of their experience could be improved.
  • Recruit and qualify existing website visitors for in-person or remote research interviews.
  • Test new product or feature ideas to help shape your upcoming roadmap.
  • Get feedback on your pricing to optimize for revenue, profit, or market share.
Create a survey

If you want any help crafting a survey, let us know by replying to this email or reaching out via our support chat.

Co-founder, Iterate

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