6 ways to speed up your builds on CircleCI

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How to make your builds faster

Improve productivity by optimizing your CI/CD pipelines for speed.

Advanced caching

Save time on fetching dependencies and building artifacts.

  • Caching dependencies - cache and restore dependencies using custom keys rather than reinstalling them each time you run a job.
  • Workspaces - persisting artifacts to a workspace allows downstream jobs to access them as a workflow progresses.
  • Docker layer caching - cache the individual layers of Docker images that you build in a CircleCI job. Unchanged layers will be restored next time you build a Docker image. This feature requires a paid plan.
More machines and more powerful machines.

Use multiple machines concurrently and increase compute power to speed up your pipelines.

  • Concurrency - split up your builds into multiple independent jobs and use workflows to run them simultaneously.
  • Parallelism - run tests in parallel by splitting your test suite across multiple machines.
  • Resource classes - customize the CPU and RAM for the machine running a particular job. Note that resource classes larger than medium require a paid plan.