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From: MongoDB Team <mongodbteam@mongodb.com> 9/9/2021, 6:39:49 PM
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Learn how to get started with MongoDB Atlas.
Hi Jake,

Ready to begin your MongoDB Atlas adventure — but not sure where to start? Join our live webinars to learn more! During these events, our experts will walk you through database creation, explain real-world data modeling examples, and answer your questions along the way.
Session 1: Intro to MongoDB  
Tuesdays in Sept/Oct at 11am (EDT)
During this session, MongoDB experts will showcase the unique advantages of the document data model and show you how to deploy an Atlas cluster. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to load sample data into your database and then populate the data into a Next.js e-commerce demo app.

Session 2: Data Modeling with MongoDB
Thursdays in Sept/Oct at 11am (EDT)
In this session, you'll see how MongoDB differs from SQL databases, learn about various types of data relationships, and explore real-world data model examples.

Seats are limited, reserve your spot today!
Think Big, Go Far,
The MongoDB Team